I’m New to Yoga, Where Should I Start?

Yoga is AWESOME! Seriously, you’ll love yoga and all the amazing things it can do for you.

First, know that no matter where you are physically, yoga is for everyone - all abilities, all backgrounds, everyone.

Second, yoga has both active (yang) and passive (yin) elements that should be taken together to enjoy its full range of benefits. At the studio, we practice both forms so our clients can enjoy a well rounded practice.

To get started, we suggest the following classes:

Beginner Yoga
Gentle Yoga
Restore + Reiki
Yin Yoga

Beginner Yoga is the best place to start because you’ll experience the full range of yoga offered at the studio. In each class, you’ll learn something new about yoga, work through a slow-paced vinyasa flow, stretch your muscles and connective tissue with a yin sequence, and finish with a truly relaxing restorative pose.

While you’re in the beginning stages, you should also sign up for Gentle, Restore + Reiki, and/or Yin Yoga. Gentle yoga will help you improve flexibility and balance; Restore + Reiki will give you a chance to rest and recharge; Yin will stretch your body and provide a soothing release.

Once you’ve taken a fair number of classes and are comfortable, the next step is Slow Flow Yoga. In this class, you’ll work through a range of poses that flow together, connecting movement and breath. This will help you build strength, flexibility, and stamina while moving at a slower, more accessible pace than traditional Vinyasa Flow classes.

The final piece to your journey is Vinyasa Flow class. While this is much the same as Slow Flow, it moves at a much faster pace and can include more advanced poses and variations for additional challenge.

NOTE: In addition to our regular classes, we periodically offer a 4-week Beginner Series and a Sun Salutation A Workshop we call Find Your Flow. Be sure to read our newsletters for upcoming dates and times.