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 Welcome and Thank You!

Welcome to our community and thank you for taking advantage of our 30-for-$30 offer! We created this page to help you explore what the studio has to offer and generally, to make things easier for you.


First, a couple housekeeping items. Your 30 days begins with your first class, and you can schedule that first class from your computer or phone using the buttons below. And, if ever you have any trouble, please send us an email at fullbodyyoganky@gmail.com - we’re always happy to help!

the four pillars of fitness

Now, for the good stuff. We offer more than 30 classes each week that touch on the four pillars of fitness - strength, cardio, flexibility, and restoration. You can build a fitness routine at the studio that hits all of these pillars or focus on areas you need most. Regardless, we are committed to offering a full range of classes so our clients can achieve and maintain a well-rounded fitness routine.

Set a Goal - 8

If there is a magic number, it’s eight. We’ve found that new clients who sign up for 8 classes in their first 30 days go on to establish a long-term fitness routine at the studio. By taking two classes per week, you can get a great sampling of our classes and find your fitness jam. When you stop into class, please introduce yourself to your instructor and meet your fellow classmates. This studio is built on community!

Passes or Unlimited Packages

After you’ve taken your fair share of classes and found what you like, you can make an informed decision to buy passes or an unlimited package. Generally speaking, if you take fewer than 7 classes per month, the best deal is our 10-class pass. If you’re taking more than that per month, one of our unlimited packages will be best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions


Sometimes your best intentions are thwarted by life. We get that. If you find you’re unable to attend a class, we ask that you cancel your class at least three (3) hours prior to the class start time by going online or using our app. This allows us to move other clients off of waitlists to enjoy our classes.

I signed up for class and am on the waitlist. Will I get in?

Probably. Our most popular classes frequently have waitlists, but nearly everyone on the waitlist gets in. Here’s why - life comes up and other clients cancel. If you’re on the waitlist, keep an eye on your email or text messages because you’re likely to get in.