Recipe Substitutions

Because not everyone likes everything

There are plenty of ways to eat healthy and when it comes to ingredients, there’s probably something you can substitute that’ll be to your liking. We’ve broken them down into Carbs, Proteins, and Fats to keep you on track with your macros.


almond flour | coconut flour or whole wheat flour

banana | apple sauce

beans | peas-split, yellow, and green; soy, fish, quinoa, cauliflower florets

berries | any berry can be substituted with another berry

cauliflower gnocchi | cauliflower rice, cauliflower florets

green veggies | any green veggie can be substituted with another green veggie

quinoa | brown rice

shirataki noodles | spiralized veggie noodles


almond milk | soy, cashew, dairy-free milk variety (low sugar/calorie)

beef | Quorn veggie crumbles or any vegetarian beef substitution

chia seeds | commonly used as an egg substitute. Mix with a little water and refrigerate to use as an egg substitute for recipes. Flax seed is an alternative and both are highly nutritious and full of fiber, keeping you full.

cottage cheese | hummus

chicken | tofu, any brand vegetarian chicken substitution

eggs | chia seeds

non-fat greek yogurt | low-sugar yogurt - steer clear of “fruit on the bottom”

lentils | beans, veggie crumbles, beef, fish - all high in protein

natural peanut butter | almond butter, PB2, nut butter

ricotta cheese | silken tofu

salmon | chicken, tofu, any brand vegetarian fish substation. Omega-3 fatty acids an important nutrient derived from fish. If fish is not part of your diet, consider supplementation or adding hemp seeds to a salad or smoothie.

seitan | steak, meat substitute

shrimp | vegan shrimp, white fish, chicken, vegetarian chicken

Simple Truth Organic Protein Powder | Any protein that is low in sugar and under 100 calories per serving

yogurt | non-dairy yogurt (low-sugar is key)


coconut oil | extra-virgin olive oil, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter