Last updated September 2, 2019

Full Body Adventure
Red River Gorge

September 6-8

BedRock at the Red
494 Big Andy Ridge Road
Rogers, KY 41365

Ratona Harr
(513) 259-3902
[call now]

Michael Harr
(859) 404-7035
[call now]


Welcome to our first Full Body Adventure! We’re heading down to our happy place in Red River Gorge where we’ll enjoy all the beautiful things like arches, waterfalls, rock shelters, panoramic vistas, and of course, good times with good people. Please take some time to review this guide that will get you ready for our weekend on the trails, on your mat, and at our weekend home.


Cliffs. By far, the most common cause of death and serious injury to hikers in Red River Gorge is falling from cliffs. Keep a safe distance from clifflines and all will be well. Seriously, do NOT try to stand or sit on the edge! With some handy camera-work, you can get a beautiful picture without putting yourself or others at risk. [more from the Cincinnati Enquirer]

Venomous snakes. There are two venomous snake species in the Gorge - copperheads and timber rattlesnakes. Copperheads are by far the more common of the two, and we’ve seen a good number of them while hiking. Should you encounter one, stop immediately, then slowly back away at least 25 feet. Pass word along to Michael, and he’ll make a decision on whether to wait it out or go around. To help you recognize these snakes, please review the linked resource from the University of Kentucky. [snake guide]

Getting lost, exposure. Though super unlikely on our trip, it is possible to get lost and exposure can become a concern. Please stay with the group, but if you find yourself falling behind, pass word ahead on the trail, and we’ll slow down to regroup. NEVER hesitate to ask for a break or to slow the pace. Also, be sure to bring appropriate gear (listed below).

Black bears. While sightings remain relatively uncommon in the Red, black bears are in the area. With a hiking party of our size, it is highly unlikely that we would encounter one of these beautiful creatures. That said, it pays to be prepared when walking in bear country. Please review this brochure from the US Forest Service. [bear safety]


We have four hikes planned for the weekend that total just over 13 miles in length (each is optional). They range from very short, easy hikes for sunrise and sunset to a somewhat more challenging seven mile day hike. These are well-traveled trails and represent the best elements that Red River Gorge has to offer.

NOTE: We will hike rain or shine. Should severe weather be expected, we will alter the timing of these hikes or cancel them as appropriate.

Friday, Sunset on Auxier Ridge | 3.6 miles. Home of the largest rock outcroppings found in the Red, Auxier Ridge is a must-hike for anyone visiting the area with commanding views of the gorge, Double Arch, and Courthouse Rock. Headlamps are required for this hike. [map]

Saturday, Sunrise at Chimney Top Rock | 0.6 miles. Watching the sun light up the gorge below is a magical thing. With luck, you’ll enjoy the sun burning off the morning fog bank below, revealing our destination for later in the day - Hanson’s Point. Headlamps are required for this hike. [map]

Saturday, Hanson’s Point and Gray’s Arch Loop | 7.4 miles. This hike will take us on a combination of marked and unmarked trails out to another beautiful view. From there, things will get a little more challenging as we make our way on Rough Trail to Gray’s Arch. [map]

Sunday, Rock Bridge and Creation Falls | 1.5 miles. To round out the weekend, we’ll enjoy the only water-formed arch in the Gorge along with a beautiful waterfall with its own beach:-) [map]


Over the weekend, you’ll have the option to participate in three yoga sessions designed to complement the hiking experience. You can expect an easy flow to warm the body, a yin/restorative practice after Saturday’s big hike, and a little meditation to finish out the weekend on Sunday.

Food & Drink

We’ll provide all meals for the weekend, but please bring your own drinks. Tap water and coffee will be available. For beer and seltzers, please bring a cooler to place on the deck, as refrigerator space is limited.


Soup, Stew, and Chili
Light Bites


Hot and Cold Breakfast
Packed Trail Lunches
Miguel’s Pizza


Continental Breakfast

What to Bring

Comfort Gear

Lawn chair
Preferred snacks
Casual clothes & footwear
Toiletries and personal care items
Yoga clothes
Yoga mat, bolster, and blocks
if you need a mat or props, let us know, we’ve got plenty

Hiking Gear

Quick-drain trail shoes
Wicking socks
Wicking t-shirt
Wicking shorts and/or pants
Insect repellent
Backpack (10-30 liter capacity)
Water bottles (36 to 80 oz. total capacity)
Trekking poles (optional)
Headlamp with batteries
Wet wipes
Rain poncho or jacket

What NOT to Bring

Bed linens
Portable speakers


Fun. The #1 rule for the weekend is to have fun! The moment you leave home, turn off your daily-grind-brain and flip the fun switch to the ON position:-) The crew we have for the weekend is OUTSTANDING! Expect good times with good people, and that’s exactly what you’ll get.

Leave No Trace. Throughout the weekend, we’ll be observing Leave No Trace practices. On the trail, this means leaving only our footprints, feces, and urine behind (last two are optional). Please pack out everything you take in, except these items. You will be provided with zip-lock baggies for your trash. [7 principles of Leave No Trace]

Minimum Environmental Impact. We will do as much as possible to reduce, re-use, and recycle materials over the weekend. Separate recycling bins/baskets will be available for plastic, metal, and glass. Please use them.

Carpooling. We’ll be carpooling to and from our hikes. This reduces our carbon footprint, but more importantly, parking is very limited at Red River Gorge. By carpooling, we’ll leave more space so others can enjoy the great outdoors.

No Food or Drink in Sleeping Area. Our hosts have asked that we not eat or drink in the sleeping area and keep these items in the community space. This will eliminate accidental spills in the bedrooms and bunks - keeping the place stain-free for future guests.

Quiet Hours - 11 p.m. Nightly. We’ll be observing quiet hours beginning at 11 p.m. each night. If you wish to enjoy conversation after this time, please do so in the community room or outside.

Fireside. No glass, metal, or plastic in the fire - use the recycling bins!

Weekend Schedule

~ all times are SUPER tentative ~
if you’re arriving before 4 p.m. on Friday, let us know


4:00p | Check-in begins
5:00p | Dinner is served
6:00p | Leave for Auxier
6:30p | Begin hike to viewpoint
7:56p | Sunset
8:15p | Begin hike to trailhead
8:23p | Last light
9:15p | Drive back to BedRock
9:40p | Arrive at BedRock
10:00p | Opening Circle


6:00a | Leave for Chimney Top
6:25a | Begin hike to viewpoint
6:43a | First light
7:10a | Sunrise
7:25a | Begin hike to trailhead
7:50a | Arrive at BedRock
8:30a | Breakfast
9:30a | Yoga
10:30a | Leave for Gray’s Arch
10:45a | Begin hike
3:30p | Drive back to BedRock
3:45p | Arrive at BedRock
4:30p | Yoga
5:30p | Dinner


8:00a | Breakfast
10:00a | Closing Circle
11:00a | Leave for Rock Bridge
11:20a | Begin Hike
12:20p | Depart

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my dog/cat/rat?

Nope. This is a pet-free weekend, although Boots, the unofficial feline mascot at BedRock, will likely be prowling around outside keeping the mice and snakes at bay.

Can I meet you at the trailhead for the sunset hike on Friday?

YES! If you can’t be at BedRock by 6:00 p.m. on Friday, just meet us at the trailhead by 6:30 p.m. Just call Michael [859.404.7035]to let him know you’re coming. Here’s a map to the Auxier Ridge Trailhead - [map]

Do I have to do all the hikes/yoga?

Nope. Both hiking and yoga are optional. It’s better to enjoy both, but if you want to simply sit and chillax, that’s cool too.

How hard will the hikes be? How fast will we be hiking?

None of the hikes are difficult with most of the miles being relatively flat and easy. We have planned for a 40 minutes/mile pace that equates to a slow walk with plenty of stops for pictures, potty breaks, snack breaks, and lunch on the trail. In other words, it’s a very casual hiking pace.

I’m trying to eat better, will there be healthful food options?

YES! With the exception of Miguel’s Pizza on Saturday, meals will lean toward the healthy side of things with some of them coming from the FUEL program.

Will there be vegetarian options?

YES! We have a number of vegetarians joining us and will have options available at each meal.

How many showers are there at BedRock?

There are a total of six showers at BedRock (3 in each bathroom) and each is stocked with body wash, TP, and paper towels. Cloth towels are available between the two bathrooms. That said, it’s a hiking weekend, and it’s perfectly okay to be dirty.

Ask a Question

Something on your mind? Ask away! Better to know before your go:-)


Early Arrival Options

note that check-in begins at 4 p.m.
if you’re arriving before then, below are some great options to add to your trip

Natural Bridge

The largest arch in Kentucky is Natural Bridge. We left it off our itinerary because of the enormous weekend crowds, but if you’re coming early on Friday, you should have a great experience. Park in the lake lot and follow the trail until you cross the footbridge. Once across, continue toward the arch (plenty of signs) and start out on the Original Trail. Follow this a short while, then turn left (south) onto Balanced Rock Trail for the 0.75 mile hike up to the top. Once on top of Natural Arch, follow Laurel Ridge as long as you like to a couple other viewpoints. Retrace your steps on top and come under the arch to the Original Trail for a steep descent. [parking] [trail map]

Driving Tour, 3 ‘drive-up’ Hikes

It’s a beautiful drive through Red River Gorge. From NKY, take Exit 33 for Slade from the Mountain Parkway. Make a left onto KY-11 and turn left again onto KY-11/KY-15. Continue north, passing under the parkway and turn right onto KY-77, Nada Tunnel Road. You’ll pass under the parkway again and begin meandering through Red River Gorge. Once you pass over the river, keep your eyes to the right and continue onto KY-715, Sky Bridge Road. Keep driving and enjoy the scenery. Once you start climbing out of the river gorge, you’ll come to a number of drive-up hikes that include Sky Bridge, Whistling Arch, and Angel Windows (click/tap the link for more info including parking and trail map). If you’re around at lunch time, you can stop into Sky Bridge Station. [map of Red River Gorge Geological Area]

Lunch Options

If you’re coming down early enough for lunch, please skip the fast food options along the way and enjoy one of the great local restaurants. Here is a list of our faves:

Hop’s Fork

The newest addition to the restaurant scene in the Red, this place is AWESOME. The widest selection of beer, deliciously small menu, and all right next to a nature preserve.

menu | map

Red River Rockhouse

Near Natural Bridge, a small, but ranging menu with plenty of cold beer to go with it. The veggie burger is excellent and so are the fries after logging big miles on the trails.

menu | map

Sky Bridge Station

One of my three must-visits while hiking the Gorge. Cold Kentucky craft beers, quesadillas and dogs, and locally-sourced burgers. Plus, great music every weekend.

menu | map

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