Studio Rental

Rental Procedures

To rent the studio, it’s a simple process:

  1. Check the calendar for availability using the button below.

  2. Submit the rental request form for approval.

  3. If approved, you will be notified by email, and your rental period will be added to the appropriate Google Calendar. Also, if you do not have a key, we will arrange a time and place to provide one to you.

  4. At the time of your event, have attendees sign the studio liability waiver and leave them on the desk.

  5. Leave payment in the file cabinet cash drawer upon leaving.

Rental Request Form

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Rental Policies

We sometimes make Full Body Fitness & Yoga available for rent during periods when the studio is otherwise not in use for classes or special events. The following is a list of policies that have been developed to make the rental experience work smoothly for everyone involved:

  1. Only known persons may rent the studio with written (email) approval from Full Body Fitness & Yoga.

  2. Each person entering the space must complete and sign the Full Body Fitness & Yoga Liability Release available on the top of the entryway desk.

  3. Rentals may not interfere with scheduled Full Body Fitness & Yoga classes or events.

  4. The rental fee is $25 per hour for groups or $10 per hour for privates payable at the time of the rental period.

  5. Studio availability is updated via view-only Google Calendars - one for each suite - and can only be modified by Full Body Fitness & Yoga.

  6. Upon arrival at the studio, know that it may not have been cleaned beforehand. While the studio is cleaned periodically, we do not alter cleaning schedules to accommodate rentals.

  7. The studio must be left in the same or better condition than upon entering the premises during the rental period.

  8. No physical alterations may be made to the studio without express written (email) permission.

  9. Rentals may be cancelled by Full Body Fitness & Yoga with 30 days advance notice.

  10. Any damage to the studio is the responsibility of the party renting the space.

  11. The studio must be locked upon exiting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you ensure the studio is cleaned before I use the space?

No. We have scheduled times when the studio is cleaned, and they cannot be altered.

Do you charge for setup/cleanup time?

No. The hourly rate is charged only for the event time period. We allow 30 minutes before and after your requested rental period for setup/cleanup time. Should you need more, please let us know when you request the rental.

Are there cleaning supplies on hand?

Yes. All cleaning supplies are located in the storage closets of each suite.