FUEL with Amanda Ankenbauer


FUEL with Amanda Ankenbauer

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A 6-week Weight Loss Program
For Active, Busy People

Led by Amanda Ankenbauer
Certified Health Coach
Certified Personal Trainer
300-hour Certified Yoga Teacher

$120 for First Participant - price increases to $160 January 1st
$75 for Each Additional Participant

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FUEL is a six week weight loss program custom designed for those moving their bodies, but not moving their weight. While a steady workout routine is a necessary component of maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle, it’s only part of the story. Through FUEL, you’ll discover how small changes to your food habits can help you permanently shed weight while feeling better by eating better.

“Fuel did for me in 6 weeks what I had been trying to do for a year.” -Julie

What You’ll Love about FUEL

Results. Past FUEL-ers have consistently lost weight through the program by simply following the plan and tweaking it to suit their lifestyles. Over the six weeks, you’ll identify how to adjust the meal plans to suit your specific needs. Questions of portion size, meal timing, and others will be answered along the way.

Feel better. Beyond the scale, the most commonly cited benefit from FUEL is how it makes you feel. By eating more healthful foods more often, the natural outcome is feeling better day-by-day.

Save time, stay on track. Rather than sitting down to put together a weekly meal plan and shopping list or skipping the grocer altogether and knocking back fast food, FUEL saves you time and keeps you on track by making grocery shopping and meal prepping easy.

Fun times with the group. The online groups are really fun! The group dynamic that emerges - especially when cooking with unfamiliar ingredients - can be hilarious. You can lean on your group for cooking tips and tweaks, offer or receive words of encouragement, and generally have some fun with the experience.

What’s Included

Personal health assessment pre- and post-program
Calculated Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and Body Mass Composition Analysis
6 weekly meal plans and grocery lists
Options for omnivores, herbivores, and carnivores
Clearly defined macro nutrient proportions and daily caloric needs
Private online support group (these can be a lot of fun!)
Accountability through weekly check-ins with Amanda

"The biggest highlight for me was having all of recipes and the shopping lists already prepared. This was literally the biggest reason for the success that I had.

I also loved the Facebook & Instagram Groups. It was great to share likes, dislikes, photos, etc. Doing something like FUEL works better for me when I have others who are sharing in both the successes and the struggles. You feel like you're not alone."

-Jenn B.

From the FUEL Kitchen

How It Works

After signing up for FUEL, Amanda will be in touch with you via email and/or text to get you going (usually within one business day). You’ll receive a detailed health questionnaire, access to all program materials, an invitation to join the FUEL Facebook private group, and connect with Amanda through her free personal training app. As you go through the program, lean on the group to share your progress and struggles; and when you have specific questions, connect with your coach directly for guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions


FUEL is designed specifically for people who are already working hard on their fitness through a regular exercise routine, but want to shed additional weight and inches. Typically, this means placing greater emphasis on fueling one’s body through improved nutritional choices while maintaining or tweaking one’s exercise routine.

Kickstart is a more intensive program that incorporates both exercise and nutrition targeted toward people who are just beginning to workout and need to also learn the basics of exercise.


It’s far better to have your spouse/partner on board from the beginning because it will put you on the same page and enable you to make the same meal plan for both of you. The cost is $120 per person to receive the personal health evaluation and have your metrics tracked. However, if you spouse simply wants to eat what you cook, they’ll receive some of the same benefits, but won’t receive personalized nutrition recommendations, have their health stats tracked, have access to private social media groups, or personal support from Amanda.


No. This is a 6-week program based on evolving food science and published research. The meal plan compared to the standard American diet is focused on eating higher quality, more nutritious foods in portions designed for each participant. These meals dramatically reduce the use of processed carbs, are lower in fat - particularly saturated fat, and use lean proteins. By preparing these meals, you’ll learn how to eat more healthful, nutritious foods that can become your new normal.