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Thank you for visiting us online! We’d love to meet you in person, so we’ve made it easy to sample our classes, get to know our instructors, and discover our community.

For just thirty dollars, take as many classes as you like for thirty days. Enjoy our wide range of classes from active, heart pounding cardio to a blissfully relaxing hour of restore and reiki.

Wherever you are on the path to wellness, we’d love to walk alongside you - to guide, encourage, and celebrate you.

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Our best offer
30 days for $30

“Love this studio, the instructors, the community! It is a great place to practice, & to make new friends” —Janice

How it works

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Your 30 days begins when you attend your first class.
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After 30 days, purchase passes or an unlimited package.

Class Offerings

We offer more than 30 fitness and yoga classes each week taught by our outstanding instructors. Whether you’re starting out or long traveled on your fitness journey, you’ll find something to love on our schedule.

What Class Should I take?

The most common question we get from new clients is, “What classes should I start with?” Our approach to fitness is simple, we believe that rest & recovery are as important as being active & work so that you have a healthy, balanced mind & body.

Below are ideas depending on your needs and goals, but we recommend you take a wide range of classes to give your body ALL it needs.

Rest & Recharge
Restore + Reiki classes provide a still, quiet yoga practice connecting mind and body.

Flexibility & Stretching
Expand range of motion, reduce injury risk, and improve balance with Beginner, Gentle, Yin, Slow Flow & Yoga Flow

Strength & Balance
Slow Flow Yoga, Yoga Flow, Full Body Iron, Full Body Strength and Barre classes build muscle .

Strength & Cardio
Reach your aerobic threshold and build cardio fitness with Full Body Fit, Full Body Burn, Barre, Full Body Dance, Yoga Flow

TWO StudioS
One location*

Full Body Fitness & Yoga
7500 Oakbrook Drive
Florence, KY 41042

Studio A

Between Karate Town USA and Wert Music

Studio B

Between Fleurs & Events and Salon Obsession

*Check our schedule to verify your class’ studio assignment.

Frequently Asked Questions


To sign up for a class, click one of the buttons below to download one of our smartphone apps (preferred) or use the desktop version. Once there, select the class that suits your needs.


A couple years ago, we moved to making all classes prepaid to streamline class check-in, reduce waitlists, and improve overall client experience. You can choose to drop-in for a single class (most expensive) or attend lots of classes using our monthly unlimited (best value).


Sometimes your best intentions are thwarted by life. We get that. If you find you’re unable to attend a class, we ask that you cancel your class at least three (3) hours prior to the class start time. This allows us to move other clients off of waitlists to enjoy our classes.

If you’re unable to meet the cancellation deadline, a single class pass is deducted automatically from your account or a $15 late cancellation fee is charged if you are on an unlimited package.