Good Stuff | $5 Fridays

For a great workout or yoga practice on the cheap, we offer discounted classes all day every Friday for only five dollars. Same great classes, same great instructors, same super cool community. Come join us this Friday and bring your workout buddy too!

Also, if you’re new to the studio or haven’t been in for awhile, checkout the FAQs below. Otherwise, book a class using your preferred device below.

“I love this place!! So many classes to choose from and the instructors are always friendly and helpful no matter your skill level!! Very grateful for this studio!!” —Jackie

30 days unlimited classes for $30

If you’ve enjoyed our studio on Fridays but want to sample more classes on other days, be sure to take advantage of our 30-for-$30 offer. Use the time to explore the variety available at the studio from super chill Yin and Restorative Yoga to high energy Full Body Fit classes. NOTE: This offer is available one-time only for new clients.

Regular Rates and Sales

If you love what you’re getting at the studio, but don’t want to pay full price, keep an eye out for opportunities to save big bucks over our regular pricing. We run four major sales a year - usually in February, May, August, and November - where you can get a great deal on passes or an unlimited package. Check your inbox for opportunities to save.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to book/pay for class in advance?

You can walk-in or schedule in advance. It’s FAR FAR better if you book in advance. This does two very important things. First, your spot in class will be guaranteed - so you won’t have to worry about being turned away from a full class. Second, it makes everything run faster, smoother, and more efficiently on the day of class. Rather than waiting in line to pay, just tell the instructor your name and all is well.

Do I need an account with Full Body Fitness & Yoga?

Yes. All clients must be registered and sign a liability waiver to take class. To avoid having to do this when you arrive, please setup an account online or with our iPhone or Google apps. #lesshassle, right?

I setup an account a long time ago, can I use that same account?

Yes, BUT our system automatically deactivates accounts after 6 months of inactivity. To have your account reactivated, use the form below. We generally process reactivation requests within 24 hours. If you want to come to class before we can get this done, just show up and our instructor will get you setup.

Name *
Phone Number
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Just in case we can't find your account.

Special Events & Workshops

Throughout the year, we offer a number of special events and workshops to help you on your path to health and wellness. These range from fitness boot camps to yoga workshops to weight loss series. Click below to see upcoming events and check back periodically to see if something piques your interest.