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FUEL - Weight Loss for Active Busy People

  • Full Body Fitness and Yoga 7500 Oakbrook Drive Florence, KY 41042 (map)
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A 6-week Weight Loss Program for
Active Busy People

Led by Amanda Ankenbauer
Certified Health Coach
Certified Personal Trainer
300-hour Certified Yoga Teacher

Program Kickoff
Wednesday, June 26th
7:15 p.m. until 8:45 p.m.
$120 singles, $195 couples
*limited to 20 participants

FUEL is a 6-week weight loss program designed for those who are moving their bodies, but not moving their weight.

At first, people will ask why you’re doing it. Later they will ask how you did it.

Why Sign Up for FUEL?

Because you have committed to working out every week, you take several classes or workout on your own, but you haven’t really lost any weight. You want to lose those 5 to 10 pounds or more, and let’s be honest - summer is coming, and bathing suits don’t lie.

Nothing is more frustrating than killing yourself working out and nothing comes off. Why is nothing coming off? The answer is…YOUR NUTRITION - how, what, and when you’re eating.

We know you are busy. We are ALL busy. FUEL was designed for those who are already working out and live a busy life. You may not have time to meal plan, build grocery lists, figure out what your BMR is, how many macros and micros you need, etc. FUEL takes all the guesswork and planning out; all you need to do is sign up, show up, and commit to your nutrition the same way you have committed to your weekly workouts.

Here’s What is Included in FUEL

  • 6-week meal plan and grocery lists with fast, simple healthful recipes including ingredient substitutions

  • Options for omnivore, vegetarian, vegan, or plant-based nutrition paths

  • Clearly define macro and micro nutrients needed to both fuel your body and aid in weight loss

  • Personal health assessment including Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), Body Mass Composition Analysis, Macronutrient Allocations, and more

  • Personalized exercise recommendations to modify or augment your current routine

  • Tools to measure your body starting point and for tracking during the 6 weeks

  • Private online support group

  • Accountability through weekly weigh-ins and inches lost

  • 24/7 access to your personal trainer and health coach, Amanda (<24 hour response time)

We’ll kickoff the program on June 26th at 7:15 pm in Studio B where you will spend 90 minutes learning the basic foundation & understanding of nutrition, and begin to explore the blockages that prevent you from reaching your goals and establish healthy strategies for breaking through plateaus. After the initial kickoff, the program is all provided online so that you don’t have to add one more thing to your schedule.

Here’s more about Amanda’s journey that led her to become a personal trainer, yoga teacher, and health coach:

“Physical fitness is essential for optimal health, but it’s not always clear how to get there.

I remember weighing in at my heaviest point and attempting to take a jog around my neighborhood. It was nearly impossible!

I remember deciding that I wanted to be healthy and strong. I wanted to effortlessly take a jog around my neighborhood, so I educated myself.

I started by making better nutritional choices and the weight began melting away.

Next, I was able to incorporate a cardio routine and noticed that I was developing loose skin. That's when I began to physically see the value of strength training as I was able to tone and shape my body.

Combining strength training with cardio and a balanced diet, I was able to lose nearly 100 lbs. and keep it off for over ten years!

Frequently Asked Questions

How is FUEL different from Kickstart?

FUEL is designed specifically for people who are already working hard on their fitness through a regular exercise routine, but want to shed additional weight and inches. Typically, this means placing greater emphasis on fueling one’s body through improved nutritional choices while maintaining or tweaking one’s exercise routine.

Kickstart is a more intensive program that incorporates both exercise and nutrition targeted toward people who are just beginning to workout and need to also learn the basics of exercise.

I’m scheduled to go on vacation during the program, is this going to work for me?

Vacations can be tricky, but Amanda will provide you with strategies to help you overcome the most common challenges while away. These include how to maintain/modify your workout routine, identify good food to eat when dining out, and other powerful tactics that can keep you on track and make vacation that much more fulfilling.

What if my spouse/partner wants to participate with me? Is the cost the same?

It’s far better to have your spouse/partner on board from the beginning because it will put you on the same page and enable you to make the same meal plan for both of you. The cost is $120 per person to receive the personal health evaluation and have your metrics tracked. However, if you spouse simply wants to eat what you cook, they’ll receive some of the same benefits, but won’t receive personalized nutrition recommendations, have their health stats tracked, have access to private social media groups, or personal support from Amanda.

Is this a fad diet?

No. This is a 6-week program based on evolving food science and published research. The meal plan compared to the standard American diet is focused on eating higher quality, more nutritious foods in portions designed for each participant. These meals dramatically reduce the use of processed carbs, are lower in fat - particularly saturated fat, and use lean proteins. By preparing these meals, you’ll learn how to eat more healthful, nutritious foods that can become your new normal.

I’m not willing to give up X?

FUEL is about replacing habits that are not serving you with habits that do serve you in reaching your fitness goals. A simple shift in mindset is all it takes to rewire the brain to make conscious and informed nutritional choices. Discipline is an inside job and Amanda will teach you strategies you can employ that will rewire your brain to operate with effortless discipline. It's not a sacrifice to change your nutritional habits, it's a reward! You will learn to reward your body with food that in turn supports a lean and toned physique.

My family isn’t on board, what should I do?

This is very common. You might be adulting and taking control of your health while family members rename themselves Skip and El Paso - or worse, maybe you have someone actively rooting against you. Shake it off. Your group will become your support crew and Amanda will lead you through this common obstacle.

Sure, it takes some extra time to prepare these meals (thankfully they’re quick prep), but when you sign up for FUEL, you’re signing up to become a better version of yourself. Focus on that vision and commit to achieving it. As your results become obvious, your family will applaud you, and they’ll start wanting the same for themselves.