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Mindful Eating & Plant Based Nutrition Workshop

  • Full Body Fitness & Yoga 7500 Oakbrook Drive Florence, KY 41042 United States (map)

Mindful Eating & Plant Based Nutrition

Creating Awareness to Fuel Your Life

Led by Amanda Ankenbauer
Certified Health Coach
Certified Personal Trainer
300-hour Certified Yoga Teacher

Sunday, February 10th
2:00 p.m. until 3:30 p.m.
$25 for 90-minute Workshop

Mindful Eating & Plant Based Nutrition is a skills development workshop enabling you to gain greater awareness of your relationship with food and learn how to move towards a whole foods, plant based diet.

“Understanding our relationship to eating cultivates a lot of insights and helps us start living our highest potential." —Natasa Pantovic (Author, Mindful Eating)

Paying attention to what you eat is a form of meditation. By drawing awareness to the present moment you begin to pay attention to what you put into your body.

Learn to ask yourself questions such as: Why am I eating right now? Am I hungry? Am I eating to fuel exercise, work, or play? As a result of practicing mindful eating, you will intuitively question the quality of food you are eating.

We explore plant based nutrition as part of mindful eating and discover how to adopt a plant based diet, benefits of whole food nutrition, tips for transition, how to read food labels, how to navigate restaurant dining, and grocery shopping essentials.

In this workshop you will learn to:

  • Pay attention to why you feel like eating.

  • Pay attention to the emotions or needs that trigger eating.

  • Identify what you’re eating and whether it is healthy or not.

  • Eat a whole foods, plant based diet

  • Dine out while following a plant based diet

  • Grocery shop to cook plant based meals

  • Cook 10 traditional dinner recipes using plant-based ingredients in under 10 MINUTES!

“Instead of thinking of food as the enemy, allow yourself to enjoy the process of planning and preparing meals or going out to lunch with a friend. Stay in the present moment and understand that the purpose of food is nourishment." –Dr. Susan Albers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is this a diet workshop?

No. This is a skills development workshop that centers on the yogic practice of mindfulness through meditation. By building awareness of what, how, and why you eat, you will intuitively make better choices. We use a plant based diet in this workshop, as this represents a natural baseline for healthful eating.

I have been eating a paleo/keto/Atkins diet and getting great results. How can I benefit from this workshop?

The core of this workshop is based on mindfulness. As applied to your current diet, you’ll find a number of themes that overlap between a whole food, plant based diet and other healthier diets. Moving away from the mindless consumption of high calorie, processed foods that typifies the standard Western diet is a natural outcome of mindful eating.

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