Class Descriptions

We offer a wide range of yoga and fitness classes as described below. Please take a few moments to scroll through and see what piques your interest. Also, here are some sample class combinations based on various fitness and wellness goals:


Full Body Iron
Full Body Strength
Yoga Flow


Restore & Reiki
Yin Yoga


Full Body Burn
Full Body Fit
Yoga Boot Camp

Yoga Classes

Beginner Yoga Series | Beginners ONLY

Throughout the year, we offer our Beginner Yoga Series that includes four 90-minute workshop sessions that introduce the three main forms of yoga practiced at the studio - Vinyasa Flow, Yin, and Restorative. During the series, new students meet a number of our instructors (each with a different specialty) while learning more than 30 poses commonly found in our classes. In the fourth session, participants will go through a Sun Salutation workshop to learn body-appropriate poses, modifications, and transitions to prepare them for our Slow Flow and Yoga Flow classes. For beginners, this is the ideal place to begin. Check our Events Page to see when the next series is offered. [events page]

Yin Yoga | beginner to advanced

A practice of stillness. Yin offers long, meditative holds to stretch the deep connective tissues of the body. With a focus on the hips and low back, you are able to release stress and tension, creating a physical and mental balance. A great complement to more vigorous “Yang” forms of yoga and fast lifestyles.

Temperature 73-75 degrees

Restore + Reiki | beginner to advanced

Experience a restorative practice to renew and refresh your mind and body. This class will explore simple, but powerful ways to open and balance the flow of energy throughout the body. Slow down your life, by welcoming rest, stillness and relaxation. This class will feature extended meditative postures, frequent periods of savasana (relaxation), and gentle adjustments. Students will leave feeling relaxed, open, and restored.

Reiki is an ancient Japanese hands-on healing technique that promotes a sense of peace and relaxation. While settling into restorative postures, the Reiki Practitioner comes around to students when they can and provide reiki. The spiritually guided life energy will help to harmonize the body, mind and spirit. The combination of these two powerful healing practices will leave you in yogi bliss!

Temperature 73-75 degrees

*Sage and/or Palo Santo may be burned in this class to help clear negative energy and to invite loving energy into the practice. Please let the instructor know if you are sensitive to these scents prior to class.

Slow Flow | familiar with Yoga poses to advanced

Slower paced flow focused on the quality of practice more than the quantity of poses. Emphasis on breath, safe alignment, and practicing in a way that promotes overall well-being.

Temperature 73-75 degrees

Slow Flow + Meditation | Familiar with Yoga Poses to Advanced

A movement + meditation class where you'll link not only your breath from pose to pose, but you'll also find quiet in your day through meditation. The pace of the class will allow you to connect your breath as you move in and out of each pose. You'll move for 40-45 minutes and explore mediation for 15-20 minutes. for an overall mind body experience.

Temperature 73-75 degrees

Yoga Flow | intermediate to advanced

Based on traditional Vinyasa style yoga, this practice will link breath with movement. Class includes classic Sun Salutations, balancing, strengthening, seated postures, and flexibility. This class will offer practitioners the opportunity to explore arm balances and inversions, which are always optional in class and not expected of all practitioners when taking class.

Temperature 75-85 degrees

Yoga Boot camp | intermediate to advanced

Ready for a twist on your regular yoga practice? Join this amped up 60 minute sweaty, heart pounding, strength building Yoga Bootcamp class, rooted in Power Yoga. While Yoga does build strength & increase flexibility, it's not considered to be a major calorie burner, not only do we need to build our muscles, we must also strengthen our heart & lungs. Why not do one workout and get everything you need to condition both your mind and body! We'll kick in some awesome beats & then end with some zen!

Temperature 75-85 degrees

Fitness Classes

*All classes are air conditioned and open to all levels through movement modifications

Full Body Barre

A fusion of techniques pulled from Pilates & Ballet. This FULL BODY workout will target & tone your problem areas such as arms, belly, and bum. The use of a ballet barre in addition to balls, resistance bands and light weights will strengthen, lengthen and stretch the body.

Full Body Iron

A Full Body workout using adjustable barbell weights to work all muscle groups - from your legs to your shoulders - we'll hit them all! Be ready to do high repetitions to build your muscle endurance. All movements will be choreographed to music to keep you moving for the entire class.

Full Body Strength

Lift, tone, and tighten your entire body by performing exercises designed to build strength using body weight, hand weights, and resistance tubing. A class that's for EVERYONE. Benefits of strength training include increase bone density, metabolism, and of course, will help to make you look and feel even better.

Full Body FIT

Easy to follow cardio intervals alternating with strength training, and core/abdominal work. Designed to blast calories and work your FULL BODY. All fitness levels welcome, modifications will be shown to allow you to take it up a notch or to work at your own pace. Each class will differ depending on instructor style; be ready to sweat!


A FULL BODY class that uses a series of 10-minute intervals to help tone-up and slim-down the body. Motivating music mixed with Resistance, Plyometrics, and Endurance results in a class that burns 750-1000 calories an hour! Instructor will show low & high impact modifications for all levels.

Kick, Core & More

Punch and kick with this high energy cardiovascular class combined with strength training and core. Kickboxing builds muscles, burns fat, increases coordination and promises to be engaging and fun. Wear tennis shoes and be ready to sweat!

Full Body Fusion

Transform your physique through Full Body Fusion, you’ll discover an approach to shaping your body combing various disciplines of movement. This fusion class incorporates Pilates, barre moves, resistance exercises, and the occasional HIIT to get your heart rate up. You’ll get all of this in just ONE class, maximizing your workout and your time! Join this challenging and dynamic workout where you’ll gain strength, muscle, definition, flexibility, balance and overall mind-body health.